My step-by-step system helped provide RESULTS for many of my athletes over the years. I took a niche market and was able to generate $100k + consistently for the last several years. Now I want to share that system with you!



  • Step by step “ACL R2P PROTOCOL” Weeks 12 through 52+ post-op
  • Video Exercise Access with hundreds of videos from basic to advanced 

My name is Coach Joe Hos, Navy Veteran Corpsman and now Strength/ACL Rehab Coach with over 22 years of coaching experience, 15,000+ hours of training providing results for athletes rehabbing from ACL surgery, along with other post-rehab injuries. 

Caitlin Somerville-Misercordia Womens Soccer

I tore my ACL in October 2021 during my freshman year of college soccer. Several people I knew who had gone through the injury recommended Coach Joe Hos. At first I was worried how my recovery would go while being away at school without in-person training. Luckily, I was able to begin following Coach Hos’ program in the app around 3 months post-op while away at college. The app was extremely helpful and allowed me to regain a lot of strength in my leg before working with Coach Hos when I was home for the summer. 

Over the summer, I trained with Coach Hos 3-4 times a week, He constantly motivated me to push myself harder and keep a positive mindset. The program helped regain a lot of confidence in my knee and overall become a stronger athlete than even prior to my injury. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Coach Hos, without it I would not be ready to play my sophomore season at Misericordia University.

Cole DelpCouncil Rock South Basketball

When I tore my acl I was devastated and I thought I would never be the same athlete I was again. It wasn’t until I started working with Joe that I realized I could overcome this and become an even better athlete than I was before, and sure enough after months of hard work and sessions with Joe I can say that I am back to where I was before, if not even better. I can’t thank Joe enough and could never have accomplished this without him. It was through Joe that I regained my confidence and believed that I could overcome injury and become a better person physically but also mentally.

Margaret Wilde - University of Pitt Womens’s Soccer

I came to see Joe about a couple weeks after I was cleared from my third knee surgery. From being hurt off an on for 22 months I wanted a trainer that was going to push me physically and mentally and he did just that! A workout program was designed specifically for my own needs and Joe pushed me just the right amounts. With seeing him we strengthened muscles around my knee providing extra support but also increasing my overall fitness and endurance. From seeing him for over 6 months I have been able to feel so much stronger than before. He is always supportive, a huge motivator, and helped me become more confident!!

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